Securely connect your enterprise data

Take advantage of high-performance connectivity across your business locations with BRACNet’s MPLS. These are available globally and backed by end-to-end SLAs for guaranteed performance. We continue expanding our fiber-optic network across the country to serve Data service for customers with robust DC & DR facilities and secured network infrastructure.

Layer 2 Ethernet service over IP Tunneling is using some protocol that creates an Ethernet tunnel between two routers on top of an IP connection. The tunnel may run over IP/MPLS tunnel or any other connection capable of transporting IP. When the bridging function of the router is enabled, all Ethernet traffic (all Ethernet protocols) will be bridged just as if there were a physical Ethernet interface and cable between the two routers (with bridging enabled). It allows geographically dispersed sites to share an Ethernet broadcast domain by connecting sites through IP/MPLS backbone.