Creating the Digital Enterprise of Tomorrow

BRACNet Cloud Computing Solution offers horizontal/vertical access as well as data convergence. It reshapes traditional data center IT architecture, assisting organizations in simplifying management and creating commercial value. Our cloud operating system combines a virtualization platform and cloud management software to provide unified operation and management. BRACNet combines computing, storage, and network capabilities in a ready-to-use package. End-to-end consolidation of base hardware and multiple upper-layer applications are enabled. It is simple to set up and also scalable.



We provide secured direct connections to leading public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Whether you need access to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Google Cloud Interconnect or other cloud services, BRACNet can provide a direct connection to the right solution.


BRACNet Private Cloud offers a service enabling organizations to simply pool all their servers into a single resource, which can be distributed among virtual machines (VMs) that run application workloads across the enterprise. Our company supports the three major types of private cloud: Virtual private cloud, Hosted private cloud, and Managed private cloud.