Tatsuya Hamada is a highly accomplished business executive with extensive experience in the telecommunications industry. He currently serves as the Deputy Chief Operating Officer(COO) of the Global Consumer Business Development Division at KDDI, based in Tokyo.

Mr.Hamada's career at KDDI spans several years, demonstrating his commitment and expertise in the company. He played a crucial role in driving the division's growth and strategy initiatives. Alongside his responsibilities at KDDI, Hamada also served as the Chairman of the Board of Director at Mobicom, a leading telecommunications company in Mongolia. From 2016 to 2023, he successfully led the company through a period of significant expansion and development. His leadership skills and strategic vision were instrumental in MobiCom's success during his tenure.

Throughout his career, Hamada has held various positions within KDDI, including Director of the Global ICT Business Management Department and Director of the Global ICT Sales Promotion Department. He has also been involved in global business sectors and held positions at KDDI branches in Belgium, Germany, and England further showcasing his international experience and expertise.

After graduating from Meiji University. He has since dedicated his career to the telecommunications industry, consistently demonstrating his ability to lead and drive business growth at KDDI for over 25 years now.

In recognition of his exceptional leadership and contributions to the telecommunications industry, Tatsuya Hamada has received several prestigious honors and awards. He has been honored as one of "The Outstanding Leaders in Asia" by the ACES Awards Council MORS Group in Malaysia. Additionally, he has been appointed as the Mongolian Tourism Ambassador by the Minister of Nature, Environment, and Tourism of Mongolia. Tatsuya Hamada has also been awarded the State Medal of The Order of Polar Star by the president of Mongolia, the "ALTAN GADAS ODON." Furthermore, he has received the "The Most Honorable Person Medal of the Information & Telecommunication Sector" from CITA, the Communication, Information, and Telecommunication Authority of Mongolia, and the "The Outstanding Employee Award" from the Communication Regulatory Commission of Mongolia. He has also been awarded the "For Motherland 1st Medal" by the Minister of Defense of Mongolia